All in all, this was an epic start to a series

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Furyborn is an epic ride. It took me several chapters to fully settle in for the ride and situate myself into the story. There’s a lot of story and terms coming at the reader and not nearly enough information so the reader can’t fully grasp what’s going on.

I always go back and forth with dual POVs. I love getting to know two characters but I always hate having to leave a character at the end of the chapter. I will admit that I really struggled to get to know Rielle and Eliana. [It might have been more me and my really short reading sessions though.] Once I found my rhythm (and finally kept the girls’ stories straight in my head), I was glued to the book.

You know how I love my strong women so Rielle and Eliana were a treat to get to know. Rielle might have been my favorite. I loved how she embraced her powers and let her fear help her grow. I wanted nothing more than for her to suceed. Eliana eventually grew on me because of her strength and willingness to to whatever it took for her family.

I love how the dual story lines eventually met up. It’s not what I was expecting and I NEED TO KNOW MORE. I’m really hoping Kingsbane will fill in some answers for me.

The world building was really interesting. I’ve never read anything like it before. I do wish there had been more information in the story though. I’m all about the world building so I need as much information as I can get (well, in small, frequent doses).

All in all, this was an epic start to a series