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younger- Middle Grade Graphic Novel. Frizzy, the title seems Interesting instantly your drawn into the character and shows mother and daughter duo at the salon to get her hair done for a big quince. the drawings are beautiful. on the trip to the salon so far, the hair stylist isn't pleased to be doing her hair, to some people her hair is not manageable. and just being in a family that are your first bullies. They just put a big stink on her self-esteem just because their image of beauty with straight hair is the ideal look. I'm excited to see where this story takes on her adventure to self-love/hate on her hair. Will her mother or cousin help her with her self-esteem and stop straightening her hair will she learn to love her hair the way it is? Curly hair is beautiful not matter what anyone says.
I related to it being a mixed Hispanic household with curly, thick, frizzy hair that was unmanageable. my daughter, was intrigued by the reading this book the girl has hair like her and she is invested and felt sad for the girl. During the quince it seemed like family were the bullies, she wants to know what happened after the quince. were invested.