Must Read Graphic Novel

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I now have my new favorite middle grade graphic novel. The illustrations are adorable and each one shows so much expression and moves this important story forward. Marlene is so relatable and all readers need to get to know her and her family.

I enjoyed the family dynamics and how Marlene struggled with being told by her own relatives, including her mom, that she needed to "fit in" with society by changing her natural appearance. So many people will know exactly how Marlene feels, whether it be skin color, hair texture, weight, or other external body uniqueness that makes everyone special and one of a kind.

Marlene's best friend was so supportive of her and I loved these two together. And everyone needs a Tia Ruby in their lives; I know I wish I'd had an aunt or other adult mentor as supportive and accepting as Ruby was for Marlene. With Tia Ruby's help, Marlene is able to gain self acceptance and even confront her relatives, which leads to her own mother's personal growth and self acceptance.