Heartfelt and important

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What an important and heartfelt message this graphic novel is sending out there, of accepting yourself as you are, especially when it comes to beauty standards affecting young girls. There are some dramatic moments, and they are so clearly expressed and Marlene is such a likeable and sympathetic character that I felt devastated along with her. This book also touches on the core of why the perception of hair types being "good" and "bad" is so ingrained in society; ie, anti-blackness. The story is charming and mostly lighthearted, though. And the art compliments it well! The characters are drawn so expressively, and I especially love the colors. They're so vibrant and pretty.

I would say that the ending wraps up a little too neatly, but I think it's appropriate for the actual target audience. And anyway, I found plenty to love, so I think kids will adore it even more.