Fun, Relatable Graphic Novel!

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This book centers on a young girl, Marlene, with insecurities about her hair which have been drilled into her by constant negative comments from her family. This children's graphic novel tackles some difficult issues but does it in an age-appropriate and relatable way. The story is sweet and has enough happy and funny parts to balance out the negatives. The main plot point deals with the main character learning why her family dislikes her hair (internalized racism) and the author does a great job of handling the complexities of this. Marlene's mom is perhaps the biggest villain in the book, but there are reasons behind her actions. The mother's internalized racism comes from her own experiences being bullied for her hair, and she is trying to protect Marlene from the same harm. This is a great lesson, especially for the target audience of this book, and I'm glad the situation was examined from multiple angles.
The artwork is also gorgeous and colorful and enhances the story well. I would recommend this graphic novel to anyone, but especially to any young girls who have felt insecure about their looks.