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I truly loved this graphic novel. This is a young middle grade book that focuses on a subject that’s very important for this audience and that is body image. The idea of loving yourself and all the differences that make you, YOU!
Marlene is struggling to love her hair, because she is told from a young age that curly hair is not as beautiful as straight hair. She must go to the salon every Sunday to have it worked on. Marlene grows to hate this Sunday outing and has trouble understanding why her mom won’t just let her be. In my Hispanic culture there is a lot of this negative views of beauty from our female figures, sometimes they may not even know they are doing it. Even small comments on weight and certain features you have can be taken very seriously by a young developing woman. It’s a good reminded for mothers to mind what comments they make on their young daughters looks.
I have a niece with beautifully curly hair, and I know there are times she loves it and sometimes she needs a little encouragement, I will be passing this book on to her I think it is an important message and it’s told in such a fun way as the art is so beautiful. I love the pink shading used.