Frizzy - My Review

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This book is great, wished there was something like this growing up! Marlene, is a curious and brave middle schooler who begins to embrace her natural curls. But her mother, Paola, sees it differently and continues to have Marlene spend her weekend mornings at the hair salon getting it straightened.

Being a middle schooler is already hard with school, friendships, family, and body image. The kids at school teases her and questions Marlene about her hair.

Marlene and Paola have many arguments about her hair and how it needs to be neat and perfect all the time. With help and support from her friend, Camila and her Tia Ruby, they show Paola that it’s ok. We learn that Paola and her mother had the same arguments about her hair growing up.This is a graphic novel, the pictures are colorful and easily read. Thank you to BookishFirst and First Second for a copy.