Fantastically Frizzy

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It's easy to love this book! Frizzy is an easy, quick middle grade graphic novel about dealing with familial expectations, finding yourself, and learning about the importance of hair. The illustrations of this graphic novel are so good! I loved everything about it. Marlene is a wonderful character, a great friend, and definitely so relatable.

I love the journey of self discovery and acceptance that Marlene goes on and it's written in a way that young readers can relate to and understand. Every week she is shuttled to the hair salon so that her wild hair might be tamed and straightened. This act every week proves to Marlene that there is such a thing as "bad" or "good" hair. There are some deep conversations and thinking about racism, even throughout the black community as well - what's considered professional or appropriate based on hair. I love that Marlene learns to take care of her hair, but mostly that she stays so true to herself and has hard conversations with her mom and family.