Be yourself, not someone else

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The story is about a girl that has natural really curly hair. Her mother thinks that she needs to go to the salon every week thinking that this will straighten her hair. Actually it will not, but she goes even though she hates the salon. She just wants to be herself and let her hair go natural. Her mother, friends and family keep comparing her to her cousin. I imagine she gets tired of being compared to her all the time. They keep telling her she should act, look and be like her cousin.

The writing style is different. The spanish words should have a translation underneath of them just in case the reader doesn't know spanish. The story line is good and reflects the way that alot of parents are with their children. We as parents should allow our children to be themselves and not compare them to others in our families or friends. We should encourage our children to be themselves and tell them they are pretty or handsome to help them with self-esteem.