What A Surprise!

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It’s kind of funny that I ended up enjoying this book so much considering that I wasn’t even planning on reading it originally. I’ve discovered that light, fluffy, and romance-y contemporary is not my jam - I prefer hard-hitting or dark contemporary or slice-of-life stories - but somehow, the marketing hype got to me, and I ended up winning an ARC in an Instagram giveaway. And I really enjoyed myself!

I’ve seen mostly positive things, but I’m not surprised to see some people not liking this. The marketing on this is very heavy on the whole “fake dating” thing, though the book is less about the romance and more about family, identity, and coming of age. That ended up working to my advantage because this is exactly the type of contemporary I like, but if you’re looking for a cute romance, this isn’t it.

Personally, I loved this story, and I may have shed a couple of tears at the end. Highly recommend.