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Loved, loved, loved it!!

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I received an advance copy of this novel from the publisher through Bookishfirst.

I LOVED this book. Oh man. It gave me all the feels. It will definitely be at the top of my favorite reads this year. Funny, honest, gut-wrenching, and heartfelt, Frank Li will be a character that sticks with me for a long time. I love when books teach me something and make me think about things and people in a new way. This book did that and more. I've been telling people to think of it as a male version of To All the Boys I've Loved Before, but much deeper and thought-provoking. And can we talk about the cover?? This is a cover you need to see in person and display on your bookshelf. So a beautiful book all round. I can't wait to read more from David Yoon!