In between worlds

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I was curious to read this book because I am in between worlds like Frank, the main character, is. I was born in another country. As a mother of a boy that was born in the US, I could see ourservels reflected on those pages. Even though we're not Korean, the challenges we face are basically the same. The story itself is cute - it's a come of age book about a teenager boy (Frank Li) who tries to find love (hence "Frankly" in love) in his senior year in high school. Mean while, he has to deal with his national identitiy (American, Korean, Korean-American?), parents that barely speak English (even though they live in the country for several years), and the realization that he is about to move out to college. The book also touches several other subjects - homosexuality, interracial couples, SATs, violence, cancer, just to name a few. Overall, a nice and entertaining read, not only for YA.