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I love contemporary more & more

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From the very first sentence, I was in love with the voice of the narrative. I knew I was about to have a new favorite book. To think, not too long ago, I was a person who was anti-rom com or anti-contemporary, but with books like this, we're open to a much better and uplifting future. Already, I can picture this as a Netflix adaptation that I'm going to need stat because this world of Frank is one that I need to see with my own eyes while vicariously living through him and friends.

This book takes an original spin on the fake dating trope, which I fall for almost every single time so to have something that feels fresh and original is the blessing that I needed a long time ago, but you know what, it's now and again, we are all going to have brighter futures. People are going to see themselves in books more and more and this representation is going to change lives.