charming and heartfelt (Frankly in Love)

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FRANKLY IN LOVE is a surprisingly deep and heartfelt read. Although it is described as a rom-com, this is not a light and fluffy book. It tackles some big issues in a truly thoughtful and clever way (with a touch of humor). The book deals in identity, immigration, racism, microagressions, as well as heading to college, evolving friendships, and familial complications.

Frank Li (7 letters to be lucky in English) is Korean-American, a term that does not seem to encompass who he is. Frank's parents have expectations for how he will live (go to The Harvard) and who he will marry (Korean). His sister had failed at those expectations and was disowned so the stakes are high.

Frank is navigating schoolwork, friendships, and a potential new romantic partner (who is white and therefore not someone his parents would approve) while also managing his parent's expectations for where he will go to college and what he will study when there. Frank begins to realize that his world, and his parent's, is more complex than he originally thought. This book is in many ways a coming-of-age story, much more than any kind of romance.

This book made me laugh and brought up tears and so many feels. I think it is misclassified, as the book is so much more than a rom-com. The ending is open, as a warning to people who like closure. While many things are resolved, there's space for the reader to envision the future. I won't say too much, because I think the journey here is just incredible, and one that is best experienced for yourself.

I highly recommend picking up this beautifully heartfelt read- and it wouldn't hurt to have a box of tissues on hand when you do. Please note that I received a copy of this book. All opinions are my own.