A Must Read

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A relatable coming of age story that holds a universal notion of finding one’s identity, falling in love, the difficulties of family, life and death, forgiveness, and growing up. Regardless of one’s background, everyone can find something or someone to relate to. As someone who is a first generation American, I thought Frank’s story was extremely relatable in all aspects of my own life, even though we are of two different cultures. I believe that David Yoon creates meaningful commentaries through Frank of what it means to be a minority in America. Yoon even has side commentary about other races then his own in the book, which is absolutely beautifully done. This book needs to be in every library: public, high schools, and colleges. It is one of those books that need to be taught in classrooms to showcase the Other side of America—where it’s difficult to be the Other. It’s wonderfully written with both comedic and serious moment that makes you feel for each and every character. I devoured every page, and each chapter ended with me yearning for more. My favorite part was the special appearance of the author, his author wife, and their young daughter, because, for a small moment, it made so much commentary and greatly affected his main character, leaving us with a message that love is beautiful. I’m greatly enjoying this new wave of young adult authors who are writing their experiences growing up in America as a minority or first generation.