Such a Good Book!

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This was one of my anticipated reads for this year. I had read a sneak peak from NetGalley and although it was good I didn't think I would end up liking the full book. I am glad I decided to get it from my library because it blew me away!

There are quite a few point of views in this book and that makes it easier to become completely invested in the murder plot. Each queen has their own and so does Keralie. You get to see what is going on through different eyes and even see what is happening in their personal life. Being able to see a glimpse into their personal life is so valuable when it comes to connecting with the characters. I especially connected with Queen Marguerite because she was a mother as am I. That is probably why she was my favorite queen.

The romance that was taking place for Keralie was something I didn't care for. It felt unnecessary and didn't really add anything to the plot until the ending. It is probably why the very ending was just alright and not great for me.

The writing style was different in a good way. With the plots and flashes of future/present things happening, it was easy to get sucked in. The plot twists were ones I weren't expecting and when I found out who the mastermind was I was shocked and I may have made a surprised expression while reading!

The world building could have been a bit more as I wanted to learn more about the four quadrants in Quadara. But, it didn't take away from the plot or characters.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the murder mystery plot and am looking forward to seeing where this author goes!