Such a fun read!

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I have to start off by saying that I love the choice the author made with the world setting. I love Fantasy but it's hard to find one, that is an actual fantasy world, without magic. The author did amazing at creating a unique world with an interesting system, and not adding in a magical element. Personally, I think we need to see more of that.

Other things that we need more of. A story where we can't guess the ending! Wow, did this author do amazing at that. The twists and turns were such a thrill. I was so captivated by the mystery of it all. The way the author build all the secrets and mystery of each character's life was done excellently.

More on the subject of characters, each character felt real and unique. You could actually connect with what the characters were feeling and when they felt heartache, so did you. I became so invested in the characters, that I wanted to see them succeed. I loved the characters and the world so much that I would continue to read their story for many more books.

I was never bored while reading, which is something I really look for and the book had all the emotion and page turning you'll ever need. Absolutely adore this book and would definitely recommend.