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Four Dead Queens is about dreams, motivations, and the lengths we will go to achieve our goals. Keralie is someone who in her opinion, a lot to atone for, but lacks any experience in doing the right thing. Through the process of this novel and her relationship with Varin, she struggles with this in a really powerful and magnetic way.
These similarities only enhanced my experience of the novel, I connected with the characters, I found them interesting. I liked the personality of Keralie, she was always on the move and seemed really fun. I just feel like the whole playful side of her personality wasn't fully fleshed out. I thought the author could have focused on character more, it's really the only negative thing I could say about this book. The book was more focused on the world-building and mystery, which was certainly well done and well written, but I would have loved to get more character development in there.
I also really loved the role the queens play in the plot of the novel, interesting and different. I was constantly ensure and every engrossed in the unraveling mystery that surrounded the Queens. I really enjoyed the chapters from their points of view.
The one of the best things, for me, about this book, is that it's a standalone. Many times, I find myself wanting to read a strong, well-written fantasy, but unable to commit myself to a series. I also like that it's very much a fantasy mystery. Which isn't very common, I've certainly never read one myself. It's all about unlocking a classic who-done-it mystery that's set in a different and unique world that leaves you clueless as your head is spun about twist after twist. I really enjoyed this book and was left completely satisfied at the end of it. So I highly recommend it.