It was ok.

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My Review: This one was ok for me but it could have been so much better. I really loved the main story of the book but my issues came when you were tossed into the POVs of the queens leading up to their deaths. It really made the story feel choppy for me. I wished I could have loved it but it just wasn't working. I really wished that the author (whom I loved her other books) would have summed up all the queens in the first few chapters then go on with the main story.

I really thought that the romance wasn't needed. It felt flat and rushed. I really loved Keralie but with being tossed back into the POVs of the queens I never really felt like we got the who perspective of her and Varin.

I think this one with the great world building will appeal to some but it really, in the end, felt like it had taken a lot of things from other young adult novels than just kind of twisted them just a little.

Go Into This One Knowing: Multi POVs, Dead Queens, Romance