Very intriguing.

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I cannot get over how intriguing this was. It started off with a man on a plane that arrived in Chicago and within a few paragraphs it was already so much more. There's a certain mystery and urgency to the task that Elias is seeking out to do. He wants to remain undetected and look for a place in regards to his "Summit". He mentions his father sending him on this treacherous journey, it makes you wonder, what else had he been through, and what made this so dangerous and risky for him. He mentions his family being betrayed and that people were after him, which leads to him being pursued. Elias, engages in a fight with the man, Salazar and I really admire how he doesn't want to put the civilians at risk, I feel like some times there are books and characters who don't really pay attention to the damage they cause. It's nice to see Elias does. I really love the way this sucks you right in. I struggle getting into books where the introductions to the characters and world are so slow, but the action in this starts right away and I love it.