Lost and . . . ?

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I enjoy urban fantasy, and Found has set up a lot of intriguing fantasy plot points in the first few pages. Alternating between main characters Elias and Ophelia, the short chapters told in first person POV put the two strangers in fraught circumstances, one less dangerous and more annoying than the other. The cover art shows a man's figure shrouded in shadow--this must be the monster-fighting Elias. Ophelia, on the other hand and in another part of Chicago, is fighting the infringements on the psychological stability of her existence as an empath and her life with a self-obsessed mother. Perhaps these are two characters now lost in the dangers created by their special circumstances who must be found by the other to be able to overcome being swallowed up by weighty forces and succeed. When and how and at what cost are the questions whose answers we seek in the rest of this striking story.