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I thought this was an interesting book to read about one family's life with an autistic child.

I'm not going to criticize or comment on any life choices made in this book. I must say it's not a position want to be in.

However, I did feel this book was missing a few important things. At times it repeats itself a little too much.

I kind of wanted to get a feel of the spectrum. What do they think is the cause of this rise in Autism? Drugs? Genes? Vaccines? Environment? What options are there? Drugs were never mentioned beforehand in this book until the very end. Institutions? I didn't get a clear sense of if these places still exist or not.

I do think it's clear that you have to try your gut instinct when it comes to medical care.

But some things are never fully addressed.

What words can Cooper say now?

She mentions that she has dogs. Well did the dogs try to interact with Cooper? Did they avoid him? Did he like to interact with them or not.

The personalized letter to Sawyer should have remained personal. It should never have been published for everyone to read.