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Pretty Good

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Fans of Black Mirror will thoroughly enjoy this tale of social media obsession and reality showboating. The novel uses dual timelines (2015 and 2051) to tell the story of the defining event called the Spill and its aftermath, which divided the two eras. In 2015, two young women, Orla, a novelist and Florence, a singer, devise a plan to achieve fast fame in the NYC art scene. In 2051, Marlow dreams of leaving Constellation, California,a town where everyone’s entire lives are broadcast 24/7 to online followers. (Kind of like "The Truman Show.") I really loved the concept of this story and the way it was laid out. I think it was a story that fits into the world we live in today. I enjoyed the novel, and while not perfect (what really is??) it was entertaining and held my interest.