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A large number of people today are attached to their devices from the moment they wake up in the morning until they go to bed at night. They judge themselves, and others, based on followers, likes, and the attention they get through social media. People are famous for being famous. Megan Angelo, in Followers, takes the reader on a journey depicting where we may be if our addiction to social media and celebrities continues, both today and in the future. ⁣

Orla is a blogger with hopes of becoming a novelist. Her roommate, Floss, just wants to be famous. When they decide to work together, throwing out all the rules, their lives will be forever changed as they run blindly towards success. ⁣

Fast forward thirty five years. Marlow, an employee of the Constellation Network, can’t get away from the public eye. Everything she does is watched by others. Her success is determined by her number of followers. She is allowed to make very few decisions about her own life. When she discovers certain truths, she learns that being famous isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.⁣

Followers is a cautionary tale about where our obsession with “likes” will get us. It was an enjoyable read, with realistic characters. Marlow was my favorite character, probably because she showed the most strength, but I did not like Orla, which took away from the book for me; I felt she was too weak and easily manipulated. I like the how it is set up, jumping from the present to the future and setting things up well for some big reveals. It is an easy, quick read that many young adults will enjoy.⁣