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I had to read this book for my book club. This review is delayed, usually I review a book pretty quickly after I read it, but I’ve waited a bit longer than usual for this one so my memories of the book are a bit hazy.

I remember liking the book, but it did take me awhile to get started and get me invested. M I remember vaguely what it was about, so I’ve lowered my rating because it wasn’t a memorable enough book for the details to stay with me. I can remember the details of a book years later if it’s a favorite of mine, or if it was hard hitting enough. This book just wasn’t that.

I did find some aspects interesting, that are coming back to me. This book takes place in a future where you can design your baby down to the genes, which to add or remove, what your baby will look like, it’s gender, basically everything.

It’s called Followers because some people love their life entirely online, through I think a microchip that records their every move, and what they do affects their approval rating which in turn affects the number of people following them, and that number helps determine where the producers determine where your life is going. It’s a bit confusing and I don’t remember the entire process or the semantics of it, and I was always confused even when reading the book who was being tracked and who wasn’t. I could have been because I listened to it, but I did sometimes find myself a little lost and confused to what was happening.

Overall it was a decent book, and I feel I finished it relatively quickly for how fast I normally can read with my busy life.