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Insta Famous.

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Let's start with the cover. I absolutely adore the color scheme. It definitely caught my eye.

This was my first book by Megan Angelo. Honestly, based on the summary/blurb alone, I wasn't too sure I'd be a fan of this book. It didn't catch my interest right away, but overall, the book wasn't too bad.

Followers has two POVs. One is Orla's POV which is set in 2015. The other POV is Marlow which is set in 2051. Both POVS are set in New York.

Orla is currently a blogger with hopes to become a big time author. She eventually meets Floss, whom rents a room in Orla's apartment. Floss wants to be famous,[ don't we all. ]. With Orla's help, Floss becomes "Instagram famous." Relatable right?

Onto MArlow. MArlow is famous just for being Marlow. She lives in Constellation. Everyone follows Marlow and can see everything she does, says, etc. IN 2051, everyone has chips implanted in their brain. Everything happens via brainwaves. Thoughts are pushed into your brain.

The book is similar to "Black Mirror" as others have said. It's an unique premise, and overall was a solid read.