I really liked this book

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I really liked this book. It goes back and forth in time to cover Orla and Floss. Orla works for a blog and meets Floss and uses her job and wiles to make Floss internet famous. The life that she creates gets away from her and she ends up escaping after finding out she is going to be a mother. For Floss, there is nothing but being famous and no wrong way to do it. She seeks to raise Orla's child as her own as a way to increase her brand. Fast forward into the future, the girl Marlow lives her life entirely online and knows nothing about what has happened. She ends up leaving her life to try to find out what happened and to understand who she is. The book covers both of these different time periods and really made me think about what we are putting online and how much is too much. I will be recommending this book to others and loved how unique it is.