Black Mirror Vibes!

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Followers, follows 2 characters, Orla and Marlow, we get alternating chapters for both of them, Orla's is set in 2015, and Marlow's is set in 2051, both in New York.

In 2015, Orla is working as a blogger, she is desperate to write a book and to become a real author, but currently she works at an office blogging about the latest celebrity handbag or hairstyle, that is until she meets Floss, she is a fame hungry wannabe, and ends up renting a room in Orla's apartment.

Orla and Floss soon become firm friends, and with Orla knowing just what to say, the two girls manage to place Floss in the right place at the right time, and this as they say is history, and Floss becomes the most famous Instagram girl on the planet.

Marlow, well Marlow is famous, just for being famous, you see, she lives in Constellation, the Truman Show of New York, everyone knows who Marlow is, and everyone can see what she does, says, wears, eats, everything!

The chips that have been planted into everyone's brains in 2051 after 'The Spill' help them tune into the "show" via 'brainwave', and even thoughts are pushed through to Marlow, even if it isn't directly her doing it "I really should drink another litre of water as my skin is dehydrating"

With designer lives, and designer pills to help Marlow be the perfect product that she is, why would anyone want to give-up their millions of 'followers' and 'likes' to be a nobody?

This book was so cleverly written and had a very 'Black Mirror' vibe to it, it shows the price of fame, and what some people will do to gain, or to lose it.

For a debut novel, I can see big things for Ms Angelo as it was a fantastic read, I can't wait to see what she does next.