amazing read!

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okay, this book is definitely one of my favorites, and i can totally see myself re-reading it in the future. the blurb promised so much, and the book delivered even more! Megan Angelo certainly knows how to tell a story --- it was so easy to fall into the rhythm of this book, and i read it so quickly that daytime turned to nighttime in the blink of an eye.

the characters are so fascinating and so well-written, and they really come to life once the world building kicks off. speaking of world building, what a terrifying setting! it seems a bit far-fetched at first, but when you think of it a little more, you realize just how realistic it could be. when i started reading Marlow's chapters, i instantly thought, "this feels like a Black Mirror episode!!"

finally, to anyone who enjoys a dash (okay, maybe more than just a dash) of humor in their books, let me just say, i found myself laughing WAY more than i'd expected (which is always a super pleasant surprise)!