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A Want-to-Be Author

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Orla, 28, wants to be a writer. Currently, she is working on her novel and constantly reminding herself to Google certain topics about which she knows nothing so she can include them in her novel. She writes blogs for Lady-ish and comments on "a former Lady-ish colleague of hers--she was one of the older women, thirty-three, maybe." Orla snatches up a literary agent's card which Florence, her new roommate, drops when the roommate comes home drunk. Orla feels a little guilty about taking that card. Then the next day, Orla discovers a wealth of cards that Florence has strewn across the floor. Near the elevator as she is going to work, Orla spots a card for Marie Jacinto, literary agent. At first, she ignored the card, then grabbed it just before the elevator doors closed. Will this card be the opening to Orla's real life and her literary career?