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Followers starts off a bit slow and then turns into a train wreck that you can't look away from. Told in alternating timelines between 2016 and 2051, you meet Orla and Marlow. Orla is a celebrity blogger who has moved to NYC to become a writer. Orla's new roommate, Floss, is an aspiring influencer and the women conspire to make themselves famous. Floss and Orla's plan works and they are quickly launched into the spotlight.

Marlow lives in Constellation after "the spill". Constellation is a government run city where all of the residents are influencers and constantly recorded and monitored. Marlow grew up in Constellation and doesn't know any other lifestyle. When Marlow discovers that her family history isn't what she thinks it is, she plans an escape in an attempt to learn the truth.
(side note: I constantly pictured Marlow's mother as Jane Lynch!)

Followers would be a fantastic TV show or movie! Fantastic characters that you are rooting for and others that you love to hate.