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Great Beginning

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I feel lucky I found this book.

I didn’t get enough to fully understand —leaving me craving for more.

The foreshadowing to a dark future has me eager to rip through these pages and see how it ends.

A few clues. The cover shows three girls, so I wonder if that means the three we have been introduced to are all considered the main characters (I’m unsure about Floss). The second chapter was set in the 2050’s.

If insanity breaks out a few years after 2015, how would they have time to rebuild before the 2050’s?

I am very interested in this book, which piques my interest because I am a blogger too. Like I said, I can’t wait to consume this book and understand.

And The Spill. What is that? So many breadcrumbs to show us a small glimpse of the future. Like a small hole in black plastic covering a window. You can put your face up to it and ache to see more, but you won’t be able to see what you’re looking at until you peel back all of the layers.

I can’t wait.