Such a Sweet YA Story

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This, simply put, is an adorable book. Ava comes from a family where, before their grandmother passes away, she bestows a mystical gift upon the women in her family. While on her way to her nana's deathbed Ava gets in a car accident and her gift is transferred to the other driver. The next day nana's ghost as well as a saint appear to Ava to help her get her gift back. What ensues is a sweet little adventure about fate, romance, and that love lasts through to the afterlife.
Flirting with Fate is 100% a YA book and is written as such. It was pretty predictable and some of the dialogue was cringey to read as an adult, but this book wasn't written for me. I think if I had read it as a teen I would have been enchanted by it.
The characters have great relationships and are interesting enough, but they definitely could have been explored more.
Overall, this was a great lighthearted read and would suggest it if you want something easy and charming to escape with for a little while.