Such a cute, fun read!

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I think what I loved the most about Flirting With Fate was the relationship between the sisters! It felt so real to me, those three sisters were very different people who all loved each other. This was, overall, an adorable read! I think teens will gravitate towards Ava as a character and find Rion just a little cutie pie.

Another great thing I loved in this was the diversity! We had a background character falling in love with his boyfriend, and I really appreciated how the characters all interwove Spanish in their dialog without stopping to explain to the reader what the words mean. We also see very successful, upper class Hispanic characters, which I think is something we don't often see in literature.

Maybe the side story about the mom didn't completely fulfil me? To me, it was an unnecessary add on to an already full story, but overall, sweet, fun, easy to read, very cute.