Really fun magical realism

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In Ava’s family, when the matriarch dies she leaves her family with blessings. Ava has always known this will happen for her and her sisters when their beloved Nana passes away. Every time it seems like the end, Ava rushes to her Nana’s side. If Ava and her sisters aren’t at their Nana’s deathbed they will not get their blessing.

Ava rushes home in a storm and crashes into someone. Everyone is ok and she gets home just in time to say goodbye to Nana, but she misses her blessing. It turns out Nana tried to send the blessing to Ava and it got crossed up with the guy whose car she hit.

After Nana passes away, she comes back to visit Ava. She tells her that in order for her (Nana that is) to pass on to Heaven, Ava has to get her blessing back.
Now Ava has to identify and track down the stranger whose car she hit. She does find him, rather quickly, but getting her blessing back isn’t as easy as expected.

I thought this was a really enjoyable story, I loved the characters and the magical realism. I loved Nana.

I got to read an early copy of this book that I got with my points on BookishFirst. Thank you!