It was really cute!

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Thank you to penguin teen and Bookishfirst for my copy of Flirting with Fate! This book was honestly so cute. I loved the setting , the vibe, and the characters. The setting was somewhere in California, I’m not sure where, and it was really cozy and cute. I also really liked the vibe of the book; it was very light and whimsical. The parts about fate and destiny were also a cute touch.
The characters were probably my favorite part of the book. I loved Ava because she was a very realistic example of a typical teenage girl. She was smart and driven and loved her family a lot. Rion was the sweetest character ever! I loved how he would try to bring Ava gifts and surprise her all the time . I also loved the relationship between the sisters. They had a pretty realistic relationship, that wasn’t annoying like some sibling relationships in books. Overall I think was such a cute read