Feel good read and really cute!

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This was a cute YA read with some light fluffy romance, strong family ties, learning experiences and emotional growth for the main characters.

I loved the cover and even enjoyed the little twist that comes up after seeing the cover (making assumptions!) and the blurb. I wasn't expecting it but I loved it non-the-less.

Loved Ava, she was a character I was definitely rooting for, she was smart, caring and loved her family unconditionally. Sisters, Viv and Carmen, were also great supporting characters. And Orion! He was a total sweetheart and I lived for the moments he and Ava shared page time. It was a refreshing and wholesome romance that blossomed between them and it was honestly my favorite part of the story.

I start this book with an open mind but wasn't expecting the pull I felt for the characters and both their individual and combined journeys.

Would definitely recommend!