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One word. Cute. That is the word that I felt the strongest after I finished this book. If you're looking for a book with a good twist, cute romance, and family. Read this book. Ava and Rion's relashonship was soo cute. The romance between them was adorable. And Ava's relashonship with her sisters was a beautiful powerful sisterly bond to behold. They were so supportive and I loved thier interactions so much.

My heart was furiously beating along with Avas', as she was trying to get the blessing back. And remember Ava HAS to get her blessing back no matter what. Before it is too late, for her, her Nana and thier family. If the blessing would ever be gone. Or if the blessing ever became lost. Ava's family wouldn't be able to bless anymore.

Don't be shy, pick up and read this book right now!

The writing style was easy to follow and kept my attention as the chapters were just right in length, keeping me reading and interested.

The book cover is beautiful. The art being done in a simple yet stunning way. Catching your attention. Evoking thoughts of wonder and excitement. That's how I felt. It goes well with the story.