One of the best of 2021 - astounding, intense, incredible

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The Firekeeper's Daughter is classified as a YA thriller, but is so powerful and engaging, it should be read by everyone. It takes place in 2004 on Michigan's Upper Peninsula and follows Daunis, a young biracial white/native woman. She is incredibly intelligent and athletic, excelling at science and hockey. She is a great friend. After a traumatic event, Daunis is roped into helping the FBI as an undercover confidential informant, investigating a meth dealing ring in her community. She makes this difficult and complicated decision because she is committed to helping and seeking justice for her family and community.
The characters and community are so well-developed and described, the reader feels like they are right there alongside Daunis, immersed in her world.
Firekeeper's Daughter skillfully and sensitively addresses a lot of important issues such as racism (I suspect a lot of of people have their own version of "Bigotry Bingo"), substance abuse and drug dealing in native communities, multigenerational trauma, the horror of residential schools, the role of casinos, and the complexity of law enforcement on and around tribal lands. Through Daunis' eyes we see the prevalence and impact of the murder and sexual assault of indigenous women and the infrequency with which the perpetrators of these acts are brought to justice.
The Firekeeper's Daughter is an astounding, intense, incredibly well-written phenomenal #ownvoices story that grips and enthralls the reader. I read this 490 page book in two days. I would rate this book six stars if I cold. It will win awards. Thank you to #BookishFirst #FierceReads and @AngelineBoulley for an Advanced Reading Copy.