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This book was absolutely stunning! The writing is beautiful while still being easy to follow and the plot was fast paced enough and kept me guessing throughout the whole book.

From the start, it is clear that Daunis is having a tough time with loss in the family. As the book goes on, I realized I really cared about Daunis and her well being. She was such a likeable main character which made me root for her romance all the more.

This book is so much more than just a YA thriller. Don't get me wrong, the Thriller aspect was amazing and was what helped me read the book as fast but, to be just classified as one is doing it a disservice. One thing I loved about this book was how it wove in real topics and fully showed their sad truths. These topics were shown in such a comprehensible and relatable tone which I enjoyed. These discussions really opened my mind up, especially since it was an own voice.

Overall, I highly recommend.