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Awesome intro!

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When I think of a paranormal book, I think of something that's going to grab me immediately and immerse me into this complex world while also getting a clear idea of the type of main character I'll be buddying up with for a while. This book absolutely has all of that! I love books that start in medias res and then rely on a flashback to explain some of what is happening (or not....). The style of writing is vivid and rich, creating a clear picture of the setting and the character. I also don't normally comment on this, but I really liked the font and the section headers. They are different and mysterious, showing great care is being taken at even the most minute details with this book. Most especially, I like that this book is authentic to itself and the heritage of its characters. The characters main language is incorporated in such a way that it is not disruptive and enhances the storytelling. It reminds me very much of the oral tradition of story telling!