An emotional and thrilling read

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I came into this expecting some sort of fantasy angle and I'm walking away with my mind blown at how real and hard this story hits. Not only does Boulley give a painfully realistic glimpse at the sad truth of drug use in reservations, but she also holds nothing back with how awfully the tribes are treated by everyone from law enforcement to supposed friends.
At its heart, this is a story about relationships, loss, and learning to let go. Daunis is a great character to lead the reader through the story because her biracial origins mean that she's not really seen as part of either group and it helps highlight the prejudice and ignorance in a way that I'd never seen before. She is at a point where life just keeps hitting her with loss and she has to learn to navigate that while facing hard truths. As she puts herself at risk to help find out who is spreading drugs on the reservation, she also starts to learn that love can also blind you to the truth.
I also loved how the love story ends and I think it's a great example of how to approach a relationship in a healthy way. I would give this five stars just for that detail.
Overall, this is a great story with phenomenal writing and a very human and emotional angle to a couple of hard topics. I highly recommend it.