Amazing YA Book!

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The AMAZING cover of this book drew me in first, on top of that it is YA. You guys all know by now that I LOVE YA books. Book purchased and ready to read when #theworldsworstbookclubthatnooneaskedfor announced it was their next selection. Wooo Hooo! Icing on the book cake.

Firekeeper was not what I expected when I saw the cover. I opened the book and started reading without reading any descriptions about the plot. For some reason, I thought the book was going to be a fantasy book, full of learning deep secrets from ancestors, and fighting the evil opponent, set in the past. Sort of like the Last Airbender cartoon my kids watched with the fire, air, water, and earth benders.

Some of those ideas did manifest themselves in this book. Daunis (the biracial protagonist), did learn things from her Ojibwe family and ancestors, and tries to protect her community throughout the book. This, though is a present day book with a flawed character trying to find where she fits within her two communities. Daunis is ready to go off to the University of Michigan as a pre-med student, a bright future in front of her. Tragedy has gripped her family and she cannot leave her family yet. Enter Jamie, a new guy on the local hockey team, with the FBI close behind. Daunis is asked to make tough choices between her family, her heritage, and the forces that seek to destroy all she has left.

LOVED this book. Daunis dealt with so much for her 18 years on the planet. This book is a tough read involving murder, rape, drugs, traditions, relationships, secrets, and the ties that bind. Of course, this book will not be for all people. For me, for now, for my mood at the time, the perfect book, the right protagonist, the right story!. My rating 5⭐😎.