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This is one powerful novel. Set in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, it follows Daunis Fontaine, an 18-year-old unenrolled member of the Ojibwe tribe. After witnessing a local murder, Daunis finds herself aiding an FBI investigation looking into a string of mysterious drug-related deaths in her community. It covers themes of identity, healing, loss, and the fight for justice.

I absolutely loved this novel. It has been so long since I’ve read a book that I literally could not put down, and this one was just that. Every time a chapter ended, I was so engrossed in Daunis’s story that I couldn’t help but read more. A true highlight for me was learning more about Ojibwe culture, traditions, and teachings, which I did not have much knowledge of going into the novel. I also loved Daunis’s character arc and journey of personal growth. I highly recommend reading this book!