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This kinda reminds me of some badess movie.just put an a there heheheehhehehe.anyway I really like no I mean love the cover.this are the types of book I crave for the action tear worthy book that will just capture my heart and soul and I think this book has more to it I .so I will definitely be getting all of them .it doesn’t matter if I go broke all the sudden.I wiill be very happy with just this books.who am I joking I want them all.I think the writing in immaculate cause I have heard so many good things about it.and it will so live up to my I am hoping to buy this and I will love every second of it.even if you don’t like young adult or is fantasy right? Ohh well anyways buy it or just the ebook if your not sure but try to go out of your comfort zone and rad new things it be so funny to see and experience so many cool things and feelings.