Starfighter on Dragons

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The Medieval setting of the book and how the author describes the time is really gripping and makes the reader want to continue reading. Starting at the end of a revolution where the head of the Fire Dragon clan is dying and he needs to send his son to live in obscurity so that the son may, one day, bring back the Dragon Riders. Each clan family has specific gifts which allow them to connect with their specific dragon binding them mentally and emotionally to become one.
Within the story of bringing back the dragon riders and the clans, the revolution brought about a new kind of cast system dependent on tests evaluating the skill sets of the individual and then placing them accordingly. Anyone who tests in a way where they are able to get into the dragon school, regardless of social placement, may become a Dragon Rider. There is also some conflict between the children of the riders and how they see themselves. The story is really well done and am looking forward to more!