Politics, romance and dragons!

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While I loved the cover of this book, it was actually a post on Bookstagram that drew my attention to the hidden meaning of the cover (silhouettes of the two protagonists beneath the dragon wings)!

Told in dual POV, this is the story of Lee and Annie in the aftermath of a bloody revolution that took place in the nation of Callipolis. Hailing from opposite ends of the socioeconomic spectrum, Lee and Annie are now competing in a merit-based dragonrider tournament, as opposed to the era before the revolution, when this honor could only be claimed by the ruling royal families.

This book featured interesting worldbuilding with a mishmash of political intrigue, dragon tournaments and young adult romance. Slated to be a trilogy, I'm eager to find out where the story goes from here. :)

Although, one thing that I simply couldn't help thinking all throughout reading this book was how much it reminded me of Attack on Titan!

From the fleet to the host of characters, the feeling of patriotism towards the kingdom, and even the two protagonists - Lee and Annie seemed so much like Eren and Mikasa!