Please tell me there's a sequel coming soon!

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See this book? You should read it. Right now. That's how good it is.

I loved the characters, and how there was no villain of the story. Just people with differing perspectives. I loved how the author wrote about the dragons and how the characters interacted with them. And most of all, I loved the inner struggle of Lee and how he had a hard time deciding which side he believed in more.

The only thing that felt like it missed its mark was Annie and Lee's friendship. If it hadn't been constantly told to the reader that they had been friends for years, it would have been impossible to tell. Basically what I'm saying is I want more cute scenes between these two. No, I NEED more cute scenes between them.

Other than that, I'm so excited to see where this story goes in the next book. There is so, so much more that will probably happen, and I'm already ready for these two to go on another adventure!