How to train your dragon, but with better character development

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There is a delicate balance between too much and not enough when it comes to books, and for me this one was too much. The world building was great, but It was a lot. I know I am always complaining about there not being enough world building, well this one had enough and then some, and given the option I will choose too much, but there were times when I was reading and thinking okay can we get on with the story?

The plot as great, I loved having both Lee and Annie’s points of views even with Lee’s POV I was never really sure where he would land. Lee and Annie’s relationships was delightfully complicated and I cannot wait for that to carry over into the next book.

I love a good dragon and this reminded me a little how to train your dragon, but with much more complicated relationships. There is a lot of good lore in this, and I do think it is extremely original. I just hope that the next book focuses more on the plot.