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High-Fantasy Here. I. Come!

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I never read a book about dragons before, OK, that is a lie, I read Harry Potter but nothing else. You might ask why? Well, I am not sure either, I just know that on the screen they interest me but not really in the books, however, fireborn was revolutionary for me and I cannot wait for the second book.

I was lucky enough to get an ARC copy of it, because let me tell you, you do not want to drag reading it. This book was everything. Being a huge HArry Potter fan I always loved its concept, that YES it was about magic, but in reality magic was just a tool to drop spotlight on family relations, on kindness, on friendships, on struggles, on self-awareness, on coming out of age, of acceptance, of LOVE.

And Fireborne has it all as well. I absoultely adored this book. I loved the games, I loved the backstories and I loved the characters. The world building was really good but at the same time sometimes confusing, I wish I had a map to follow through the stroy and lands.

Another thing that was lacking for me, which I am hoping to dive deeper into, is Lee's backstory. Yes, we know what happened to him, but I want to knaow what they did to each memeber of his group, I want to know about the soldier, I wish we delved more and spent more time with his remaining family, those moments felt rushed. I want to know EVERYTHING about this guy, cause he is so good, and pure, and loyal and noble not just by birthright but inside and out. I think he had and still has more to tell than Annie, but her POVs dominated over him in a way, that bothered me a bit, because it was repetetive at times, while Lee's felt rushed. That would me my only complain, and the lack of showing more of his and Crissa's times together.

However, I loved the book, I loved the friendships and the other characters. I liked Annie, but have to admit was not my favorite and I am not a huge fan of the main couple. I LOVED Crissa, my hope, as futile as it might be, for her to end up with Lee. I liked Cor, and Duck, and Rock, and Lotus and EVEN Power.

I don't want to spoil much but this book is just AMAZING, and so fast paced that you HAVE to get it ASAP, or pre-order it if you have not yet. I loved every part of it!